Workers of my country, I have faith in Chile and its destiny. Other men will overcome this dark and bitter moment when treason seeks to prevail. Keep in mind that, much sooner than later, great avenues will again open, through which will pass the free man, to construct a better society – President Salvador Allende

Santiago is a lovely city. Really pretty. Very busy but understandable right. 7mil peeps so to be expected. It has a metro/subway and I love cities that have them. So handy.

It also has cable cars which by now you will realize I’m a fan of. They are super fun and a great view. And they make it so you don’t have to walk up hill! It has a long long park structure that runs the length of the city. It’s thin but it’s there.

I did a lot of walking around the city and just basically hanging out and trying to consume all the sushi I bought (I don’t think I will ever think of sushi without remembering Detroit now, hot damn) I just ordered what I thought was four plates. I was not thinking how much ding dong I was spending until the bill. Basically when you order what I thought was a roll was the equivalent of three large rolls. So I ended up with the most god awful Gyoza (I thought it would be 2 pieces, it was 5) two huge mounds of rice with salmon (nigiri) and 6 rolls of sushi. Lunch, dinner and hungover still a little pissed on the bus breakfast.

I was once asked if I prefer to be in Nature or the City, but it depends on the day and the city. I meet so many people who say “oh it’s just a big city” and it is. A big beautiful, interesting, bustling,  noisey city, and I like it. What I do sort of miss out on with this trip is chatting to the homeless. I have managed to do that in a lot of countries even non English speaking ones but here I don’t have the opportunity as was can’t communicate. All the homeless I see seem to have a homeless dog and they seem to look after them really well. I saw one youngish fellow with two dogs. The dogs were laying on mattresses on the park bench, like little fancy homeless lord doggos.

I did some free walking tours which were super informative. Some of the things from the tour are:

Chile has a terrible political history where there was a military coup and then a dictatorship for many years. I won’t go too into it as I tend to put my opinions in here and then regret it later 😜 but it is really an interesting and shocking part of history and of course the USA were right there to help it all along. It absolutely flaws me that this sort of thing happens. The President committed suicide as the presidential building (its called a palace but it’s not their home) was being bombed by the Army. There is a very moving speech he gave to a radio station moments before. No comment although you know I have many, many comments. 

There was a systematic and deliberate genocide of indigenous tribes/people which is not too far removed from our own shameful history with the exception that these people no longer exist. There are current and ongoing social and political issues around integration and reconciliation for remaining indigenous peoples.

There is an election this year in November and I really hope that President Allendes’ vision for Chile rings true.

I also learned about Terremoto, this is a god awful murderous concoction of cheap wine, pineapple ice cream, grenadine, some other sort of rum. See the problem was he told me about a bar that loves a good day drink. The lice pit…. my bus is at 8.30pm…. it’s a night bus, a few sips of this and I will have a merry day and a good bus sleep. LIES, ALL LIES. What will happen is you will get day drunk, have a merry old time, end up on the bus eating day old sushi, be hungover when they wake you up to get off the bus in the pitch dark. Freeze as you walk to the cab who then tells you the hostel is within walking distance…. maybe for you super fit cab driver extraordinar! Struggle along the dark cold forpath with what is now surely 110 kilos worth of luggage. Arrive at your hostel only to find it CLOSED. Wait while freezing your butt off for around an hour until dawn starts to break. See a sign in the previously dark window that says ring the bell. Ring both bells to no avail. Finally someone rocks up at 8.50am and shows you the actual bell is hidden inside the gate. OMG. Welcome to Pucon….


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